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Our Philosophy

We love to work in a modern agile manner, iterating ideas over time for the best results, operating in an inclusive and human-centred way. Authenticity is our core.

Industry specialists

Everyone in the team came from different backgrounds with high proficiency in other B2B, B2C, and B2E sectors such as Prop Tech, FinTech, Low code platforms, and more.

Building Products people Love

We take informed decisions based on research and follow the best practices of the Design Principles. Combined with our human-centred approach this allow us create products that everyone can enjoy.

Our Values

At Authentic Tech, we support each other and prefer to work smarter rather than harder.

We are committed to operate in a human centred way and taking informed decisions, giving also space to personal and professional growth.



Human centred

Growth mindset


Job openings

At Authentic Tech we are our truth self, being authentic is part of our DNA. We make work fun and fun work.

Guaranteed fun
Learning experiences
Build your career path
Full stack developer
Portugal (remote)